Medico-Legal Capacity

Prof. Rosenfeld has been involved in the review of cases, production of court reports and providing expert opinions in court. This includes capacity issues such as:

  • Ability to make or change a will
  • Ability to make legal appointments
  • Ability to agree or consent to treatments
  • Ability to appear before a court
  • Ability to make decisions about general living
  • Ability to make financial decisions
  • Ability to work

and more

Medico-Legal Services

As a noted specialist in geriatric medicine Professor Rosenfeld is highly qualified to serve as an expert witness in legal cases. His professional opinion can be called on in cases relating to:

Legal Capacity

Prof. Rosenfeld can offer a professional assessment and expert witness testimony in relation to an individual’s ability to make clear, informed, and well-reasoned choices in their own best interests..

He can look at areas including will and testamentary capacity, the ability to decide on medical care, and residential arrangements, end-of-life planning, or similar issues involving sensitive decision making.


Negligent standards of either medical treatment or routine care may result in a worsening of a pre-existing condition, or the development of a new health problem.

Prof. Rosenfeld can provide medical witness services in support of parties either alleging, or defending claims of, negligence.

Medical Side-Effects

Tragically, the drugs intended to cure can occasionally cause or exacerbate health problems. As an expert in both geriatric care and the adverse effects of medicinal drugs

Prof. Rosenfeld can serve as an expert witness in cases where the suitability and/or effects of a course of medication is disputed.

We’re Here For You

We’re here for you whether you require a consultancy service or need the assistance of an expert medical witness. Whatever you require from us you can be assured of receiving a professional, sensitively delivered service at all times.

We work hard to ensure our treatment or care plans will integrate with the lifestyle of our patients, and we communicate clearly with each patient’s GP at key stages in the process. By combining a deep understanding of the needs of individuals in the advanced stages of life with a sensitive and caring approach, we are able to provide the very best medical consultancy services for every patient we work with.

Professional Information

Prof. Rosenfeld

  • Consultant Geriatrician & Physician
  • Conjoint Associate Professor UNSW
  • Fellow Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP)
  • Fellow Australian Association of Gerontology (FAAG)
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Notre Dame Australia